To perform at the Bistro


In charge of programming: Jean-Luc Poirier


1.) The artist is required to:

  • Advertise to his fans, Facebook friends, and others:
  • Make the Bistro known amongst his friends and contacts ( ;
  • Create a Facebook event as soon as the dates are confirmed;
  • Provide at least one picture of the person or the group.


2.) The Bistro Culturel Cœur de Village is required to :

  • Send press releases to all local media (newspapers, radio and television);
  • Install posters of the show in the greater region;
  • Publicize your event with our Facebook members and friends;
  • Ensure the animation, encourage the clients to make voluntary contributions, and to purchase your recordings if available.
  • In addition to your posters, a weekly 8.5 x 11 poster is produced to announce the show and is installed in more than a dozen municipalities of the region, the event is included in the cultural calendar of Roussillon;
  • Then a program (postcard size) is printed once a month and given to all our customers and sponsors, etc.
  • Important:
    • Due to the production deadlines for the promotion (the promotion of the events is made in advance), if you have to withdraw, you must inform us at least 45 days before the date of the performance, otherwise an amount of 150 $ payable to the Bistro will be charged, depending on the confirmation date.


Additional information:

  • The show is on thursday night and lasts for 60 minutes without intermission, and is preceded by an open mic.
  • There is no stage nor dressing room.
  • The space to perform is in front of the piano and we have already received up to 6 musicians with drums.
  • A sound technician takes care of the connections to the six input console. Two microphones and stands are provided. The rest of the equipment must be provided by the artists.

Required documents:

You will need to submit a document summarizing your show to which will include the following information:

*Please answer all questions in the order listed.

  • Name of the band/ show / artist:
  • Biography:
  • Other musicians involved, their roles and instruments played:
  • What: (style)
  • Compositions or covers:
  • Source of inspiration: (examples of known musicians that inspired you – very useful to promote the event)
  • Acknowledgements: (places you have performed, prizes, etc.)
  • CD:
  • Your co-ordinates:
    • Tel:
    • Web site:
    • Facebook page:
    • Other:
  • Other useful information: Provide a picture

For launches, professional meetings, shows with entrance fees or family celebrations, etc.

If you want to produce a show and launch a CD: You can ask for an entrance fee, you must handle your own promo (negotiable) and you will have to ensure a minimum of $ 150 for the Bistro. For this kind of event we offer 2 kinds of meals, either a buffet where people serve themselves from $ 15 per person, or a full hot meal starting at $ 18 per person.

  • The buffet is for a 3 hour block.
  • The full meal package is for a 4 hour block.
  • There is a 40 $ charge for each additional hour.

These events must be programmed in the time slots during which the bistro is closed, that is every night except Thursday. Reservations are required at least 15 days before the event and a 30% deposit is required.

The opening hours of the bistro are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm.